Using the metlog clientΒΆ

Basic usage of the metlog client for timing functions is straight forward. Just decorate your function with client.timer and you’ll get timing events

var name = 'decorator';
var minWait = 40;  // in milliseconds
var sleeper = function() {

// wrap it
sleeper = client.timer(sleeper, name)

// call it

There are several options you can set in the timer like timestamp, logger name, severity, sampling rate and a fields dictionary. None of those are required to get started though.

To send an increment event, you can call the incr() method. The only required field is the name of the increment event

var name = "some_name";

You may optionally set an options dictionary to increment by values other than 1 and you can also change the sample_rate. The following snippets increments by 2, but only samples half the time on the client side.

var name = "some_name";
client.incr(name, {'count': 2}, 0.5);